Case Studies

The EUGlobalGreen Case Studies introduce a case-study approach to learning, in English and French, which means linking conceptual elements on the EU’s role on the international scene with practical examples. Such case studies will be presented as short texts (2 pages), downloadable from the Active Learning Platform of each course, included in the Chair Toolbox and the Chair website, summarising all relevant literature and data on a particular case.

To engage students with the case studies tool, they will be invited to write a case study, and they will be marked also on the basis of the produced case study, as part of 3 courses included in the Chair: ‘International relations’, ‘Analyse des relations internationales’ and POLLEN.

Writing a case study and being graded on this exercise will also be suggested to any Erasmus student who needs extra credits to validate their stay at USL-B.

The best case studies written by students will be published on the EUGlobalGreen Case Studies platform.

February 2024
Planned relocations as adaptation strategy to climate change in the European Union: a complex process

#Adaptation #Climate #Relocation #Europe
By Zoé Briard (UCLouvain)

June 2023
Hydrogen as an alternative energy source
#Decarbonization #Fossil Fuels #Belgium #Energy Dependency #Sustainability
By Alicia Schippers

Juin 2023
Une approche écoféministe de la condition des femmes au Burkina Faso
#BurkinaFaso, #écoféminisme
Par Pauline De Guchteneère

Juin 2023
The economic transition of petroleum countries: the case of Qatar
#Qatar, #Environment #Climate Crisis #Oil, #Gas, #Exports, #Paris Agreement, #Greenwashing
By Mona Lestrate

Mai 2023
La surpêche au Sénégal
#développement durable, #Sénégal, #la pêche, #économie, politique internationale, #pays sous développé
Par Ahmed El Bouhmidi

October 2022
Post-growth and the European Union
#De-growth, #A-growth, #Post-growth, #Steady-State Economy
By Natacha Picoito do Carmo