International relations

International Relations (BSPOL1312 – 15h)

This course provides the knowledge and competences needed for an understanding and analysis of international phenomena. More precisely, the course aims to make students:

(i) gain knowledge of the main actors and stakes of international relations;
(ii) understand the main concepts and theories used in international relations;
(iii) develop analytical skills and a critical mind with regard to the ideas produced by observers and practitioners on the international scene.

At the end of the course, students will be able to associate each concept/theory with at least one concrete example and will be able to discuss in detail the information contained in short publications dealing with international relations.

While crucial for students, the course currently lacks a clear common thread discussing key concepts and theories of global politics. The EUGlobalGreen Chair will enable the Chair Holder to use EU external actions on the environment to create this common thread while introducing students to new and relevant international issues. Among other things, while introducing students to constructivist theory, the Chair Holder will present a lecture on the EU’s recent attempt to recognise the crime of ecocide on a worldwide scale; while explaining transnational approaches, the Chair Holder will explain the key role of several European companies in building a business case for environmental protection; while introducing international political economy approaches, she will develop the important role of the EU on the crucial international issue of biofuel subsidies.

Loïc Cobut; Kang Yi hyun; Brogna Valentina (stands in for Orsini Amandine); Orsini Amandine