EU Environmental Policies and Law (POLLEN)


The POLLEN Module aims to foster excellence-in-teaching in EU Environmental studies and consists of a two-week course of 43 teaching hours (staggered hours – from 15h30 to 19h30 including two Saturday mornings) covering the following areas: EU Environmental Law, EU in Multilateral Negotiations, Air Pollution in Court, EU Climate Change and Energy Governance, EU Waste Management, Chemicals, and Nanotechnologies, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Food, and Trade.

Programme 2024

Certificate of Achievement & Certificate of Attendance

The POLLEN Module is a fully recognized academic programme.

Upon successful completion of the Module, participants will be issued a Certificate of  Achievement or a Certificate of Attendance.

The Certificate of Achievement qualifies for the accreditation of 5 credits (ECTS) and is aimed at enriching the training and professional experience of participants. These credits can then be transfered to other European universities using the ECTS system. We do, however, recommend that you check with your home institution before applying to our POLLEN – Module to be sure that the credits are transferable.


In order to be assessed, participants should attend all the courses. The assessment is organized in three stages:

 Participation in the Active Learning Forum (ALF) (20%): participants receive a reading assignment one month before the Programme, and they are asked to post a summary on the ALF and to interact with the other participants. The Research Officer monitors what is posted and maintain the interest and motivation of all participants in lively discussions.

 My POLLEN Talks (40%) : participants have to present a short talk to a jury in a public session. My POLLEN Talks are interspersed with PowerPoint presentations, including pictures, facts & figures, etc. They should not exceed five minutes and are followed by a Q&A that will last ten minutes. The jury is composed of four Module speakers. The best talks are posted online as videos.

Former POLLEN Talks here.

 Policy Brief (40%): it consists of a concise summary of a particular issue containing up to 4 pages or 1500 words.

It gives balanced information for policymakers and has an attractive design and may have one or more figures. Participants will be asked to use the knowledge and skills gained during the POLLEN Programme to draft an original and coherent policy brief. They have to be submitted 6 weeks after the end of the Programme. 

Information about former policy briefs available here.

Elena Kavvatha is the teaching assistant for this course.