The book, with the provisional title “EU Governance in the Anthropocene” will take the format of a specialized scholarly edited volume to be published at the end of the three-year grant with Routledge, an internationally recognized peer-reviewed publisher.

The book will be based on the EUGlobalGreen Speaker Series, and will therefore include chapters written by the researchers and practitioners, who contributed to the series and who are interested in contributing to the book. This diversity of authors will ensure the promotion and worldwide diffusion of the book. The book will be published in English (French-speaking contributors to the series will be supported to write in English), and designed to include pedagogical features.

The aim of the Chair is to ensure open science, while reaching a wide and specialized community. Choosing Routledge as a publisher is important for research excellence. However, it is important to maintain an open science strategy (while considering that an open access book option is very expensive with Routledge).